Coronavirus Updates & Resources

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Please contact 01274 722070 if you have any queries.

Updates will also be posted on Facebook

If you need emergency advice at weekends please call Bradford Council safeguarding team on 01274 431000.  They can advise you and seek solutions to problems as well as offer emergency support if you need it.

If you are thinking about sending your child back to school get in touch and we can talk through the measures we have put in place to keep everyone safe during Covid-19.  below is a useful guide about things you can do to help your child as they transition back into school.


Take a look at these short online courses Keeping up with your children’s Maths and You and Your Child to help develop essential skills and support children’s learning at home.

Please click on the guidance for parents to view the updated information about OFSTED inspections during the Spring term.

Here is a helpful video about keeping hands clean, using face coverings and maintaining social distancing.  Please remember to keep apart from other adults when you come to school to collect and drop off children.

The NHS have provided this useful guidance about Coronavirus testing. Please click on the link to see the guidance.

Here is some further helpful guidance on carrying out a Coronavirus test on a child.

COVID 19 guide for Parents

Tier 3 Information for Parents

If you are supporting your child to learn at home at the moment, try these activities.  There’s one for each day of the month during advent.  Enjoy!

This is a really useful NHS website about keeping minds healthy, particularly during Covid-19.