Parents Feedback

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My children have gained lots of confidence and skills. “Nabila Waris”

I chose Abbey Green for Sara because  my older daughter previously attended and I was happy with her development. “Anisah Naz”

Our family friends recommended Abbey Green and our experience has been excellent. “Afia Sehreen”

I think Abbey Green is a good place for any child. “Alisha Ullah”

“I have learnt that I need to be consistent with my child”

“Her behaviour is so much better and our home is much happier”

“Having these techniques has made me feel much calmer”

“We are so grateful for all the support our family have had, when we speak to our child now we find it hard to believe that he had problems”

“My older child came but we didn’t have these meetings he just came in -these visits are really good, the leaflets are really good too, they tell you everything so I have no more questions now”

“It was good to meet Helen the class teacher and good to meet the other children who would be in Isaac`s class”.

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“We had Ayesha`s name down at 3 local school nurseries but chose Abbey Green because you had sent invitation through the post and followed it up with a phone call to make sure we had received the invitation and were able to attend, we felt wanted and that our child is wanted”.

“My child was made welcome, I was made welcome and staff supported me when I lost my husband”.

“My son is more mature, loves reading books and is willing to try new things he wants to learn, Abbey Green gave him what he needed.